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Send me a question or request at my Retrospring. Requests will be posted over on Baragg.

I have a Pro-Fiction stance. I think all topics, even unpleasant and taboo ones, should be allowed to be expressed in fiction. If that bothers you, please block me and move on. I will not take responsibility for your inability to curate your internet experience.


Prices (all prices are in USD):
Sketches: $10
Lineart: $15
o Bust - $20
o Waist - $25
o Full Body - $30
Extra Characters: +$2 each
Background (full body color only): +$3

What I will draw:
Canon Characters
Non-Humanoid characters (to a point)

What I won’t draw:
Extreme gore
Most Horror Franchises (ask for specifics)
Certain kinks/Fetishes (ask for specifics)
Real People
Youtubers sonas (No judgement, I simply am not comfortable making NSFW of them)

Email: toxic[email protected]

I won’t request payment until the image is done, however I will not give you the image until I receive payment. All payments will be done electronically over Paypal via its invoicing.

I will do SFW content, the prices and specifics are the same.


Things to Know

I will not draw anything I don't say is on the list.
I am free to ignore/delete requests.
Requests will be done when I feel like it and will vary in quality, depending on how I feel like filling it out.
All requests will be posted to my Baragg, and may not be cross-posted to Twitter.

I am currently taking requests for:

A Hat In Time
Cookie Run
No Straight Roads
Okage: Shadow King
My OCs
Friday Night Funkin